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Voip Revolution Day 

Sonesta Cairo Hotel in Nasr City 
9 December from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm

Compu Care Egypt
is the Exclusive Authorized Agent for All
Yeastar VoIP Solutions in Egypt

Yeastar have been developing robust and cost-effective VoIP products since 2006.
Yeastar are committed to providing SMB the vital communication system that runs loyally throughout the years.

Yeastar specializes in the developing and manufacturing of IP-PBX and VoIP gateways, and is committed to the distribution of new generation technology products in the field of enterprise communications. In the mean time, Yeastar provides the cost-efficient solutions for ITSP to develop the enterprises ultimate purchase market.

Yeastar designs, deploys and delivers innovative IP solutions to worldwide applications and maintains the long-term stability of products to greatly benefit users. Yeastar is consistently recognized in VoIP industry for the innovative and high-performance professional networking products.

Fanvil Egypt , an established VoIP Desktop Phone developer and recognized by the global demand for VoIP based telecommunication solutions and devices for small and medium sized business, as well as large mission-critical enterprise environments, has grown into one of the Largest and most popularized used VoIP phone around the world. Fanvil Egypt is set to become a leading IP voice and video terminal manufacturer by providing the market with cost efficient and innovative IP voice and video products. Fanvil Egypt VoIP devices are always taking the advantage of clear timbre, rich function, excellent quality, perfect service and competitive price.

Fanvil Technology Egypt
Fanvil Technology Egypt

Solutions Highlights

Compu Care IT Consulting

At CompuCare , we know technology consulting and how to put it to work for your business.
Our team of Technical engineers and IT consultants is certified in all major technologies and can guide you with all your technology decisions and IT consulting projects.
All our engineers are local and are CompuCare employees – we never outsource. We are an award-winning IT consulting services firm.

IT Project Consulting

A Best Technology – Ensure the Project – Partner With Experts – Without Hitch

Learn about the best technologies for your organization.
As your organization evolves to stay relevant in the changing business world, it will need to modify and adopt new IT technologies to support it. When your organization needs IT consulting guidance and experienced engineers for IT project management and implementation, COMPUCARE can help.

IT Security & Risk Assessments

Are you sure that your IT systems are protected against threats?
Your organization needs to ensure that its IT systems and the data stored on them are secure against internal and external risks. IT security threats include malware, data corruption and loss, loss of productivity due to IT systems failure, and loss of reputation.
Because the nature of IT risks is constantly evolving, it can be difficult for your organization to handle IT risk assessment and proactively secure its network. While your organization could hire a full-time information systems security expert to take care of its security needs, that can be expensive and impractical. Instead, partner with COMPUCARE for your IT & network security service needs.

Network Design & Support

Is your network always available?
Because your organization depends upon its IT infrastructure to support its computing needs, it needs to have a reliable network that ensures connectivity and availability. A reliable network with maximum uptime will make it easy for IT users to access necessary resources when they need them.

Computer Upgrade & Migration Services

Upgrade information systems to leverage the latest applications.
Newer operating systems and applications have been developed to take advantage of faster processing powers that are only available in newer hardware technologies. Whether your organization needs desktop support to upgrade operating systems on individual workstations and servers or migrate the entire IT infrastructure to new hardware, COMPUCARE can help. Our computer consultants will work with your organization to create an optimal upgrade and migration plan that will streamline the transition from old to new with minimal service interruption. Contact us for more information on computer consulting and solutions.

Office Datacenter Migration & Relocation Services

Let COMPUCARE do the heavy lifting during your relocation.
As your organization matures, it will likely face growing pains. Your organization might need to move into a larger building to provide the physical storage space for your servers and computers. Perhaps your organization needs to move its offsite data from one datacenter to another in order to be compliant with a governing regulatory body. Or maybe your organization needs to move both its physical and datacenter locations.
Regardless of how or why your organization is moving its data and/or information systems, data center relocation and migration can be tricky and costly. To reduce system downtime and prevent any loss of data, trust COMPUCARE to take care of all your organization’s data center relocation service needs. Get in touch for more information on data center moving solutions.

Visualization Design

Decrease administrative overhead through application virtualization.
Decrease the hours spent configuring and patching individual applications on individual machines by virtualizing the applications on a host server. Application virtualization makes it easy to configure and patch one master application profile and push it out to all workstations and terminals. Not only does this reduce administrative overhead, in the event that a user has a problem with his virtualized application, it is quick and easy to copy the preconfigured master application deliver it to the user with minimal turnaround time.

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